You never think you’ll get to be part of any “silly season”… :)

I’ve been very fortunate in my racing “career” to be associated with very professional top notch racing commuity supporters. I get to extend that good fortune and announce that I will be an exclusive KFG / Pirelli Racer for the 2013 season!

I’m looking forward to getting more Kung Fu Grip on the new Pirelli tires and compounds next year. All early indications are good and I’m sure I’ll get along with them very well!

Thank you to the Wressel’s and KFG and Pirelli for your trust in me to run at the front of the pack and kick ass next year!

New sponsors!!!

Hey there friends and family and adrenaline junkies!
Check out this video!

I’ve been – not very – hard at work getting my 2013 racing effort together. :-) I’ve launched a new website – www.kevinklemmer.com (you are on it!), created a proper sponsorship request proposal, added a new race bike to the stable, put on a few holiday pounds – wait, that’s not a good thing – signed up for the Yamaha Champions Racing School, set up the 2013 racing schedule, and and and…
I’ve picked up with Flexi-Glass racing plastics! http://www.flexi-glass.com/ I’ve been running them for the last few years and they are great plastic that hold up in a crash! I know!


Thank you again to all my sponsors!!!
Thanks for reading/watching everyone!