WMRRA Round 3

Another helmet trashed…

Actually a really great weekend of racing with WMRRA at Pacific Raceways. I had decent results in my six races but one wound up in a DNF by colliding into Brad as we were heading into turn 3. We were having a really good battle and it all ended in tears… :) I’m a little beat up but ok. I have great video and will share it shortly. More battles with Mark and Andrew and Wes and Doug and and and…

It was an awesome Fathers Day hangin with my Dad and son Kaeden, and my super hot girlfriend Yelena! :-)

Thank you to all of my fantastic sponsors and supporters for helping me to keep playing on two wheels. Dave Lanigan at Speed Dealer Motors, Barry & April Wressell at KFG Racing for the GP Suspension and Pirelli Tires, Flexi-Glass, Vortex, Motorex, EBC, and Darren Beatty for the great photos!Crash Helmet

Happy Fathers Day!

What a great way to spend the Fathers Day weekend! Come out and watch the fastest and craziest guys and girls on two wheels rip it up at Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA. This is the thrid race weekend for WMRRA and there is bound to be lots of dramatic racing going on. We’ve already seen leadership changes in most classes and in the overall championships. The Seattle100 Charity pits will be set up for all to come hang out between races. I’ll have mine set up right next to them so there will be plenty of room. There is a playground for hte kiddos and Kaeden will be there hanging out and helping entertain everyone :-) Bring your kids. I have some ear muffs and lots of soft ear plugs to go around. Dad’s will love it!!! Mine will be there!
The Schedule is here – http://www.wmrra.com/round3.html
I’ll be contesting the folowing races;
Saturday Races
Formula Ultra Race 1 @ 12:55pm (10 laps)
750 SuperSport Race @ 1:45pm (10 laps)
600 SuperSport Race @ 2:35pm (10 laps)
Sunday Races
600 SuperBike Race @ 11:30am (10 laps)
750 SuperBike Race @ 1:40pm (10 laps)

Formula Ultra Race 2 @ 3:45pm (10 laps)

There will be lots of action! I think the best place to watch is from the top of the west side aluminum stands at the T5 sign. You have to walk across the track and up the stands, but it’s totally worth it as you get to see both sides of the track and great overtaking spots!


Thanks to everyone who is supporting my racing effort! Speed Dealer Motors, KFG Racing, Pirelli, Seattle100 & 2-Fast, Flexi-Glass, EBC Brakes, DB Photography and Vino Bella!