1st Place in Formula 40!

OMMRA season opener was a blast! It was my very first time on Pirellis and WOW they are great tires! Chromie told me I’d get along great with them and he was absolutely right. Thank you Barry & April at KFG Racing for getting me sorted out this year. The supension was right on and I accomplished what I wanted in set up and knocking the cobwebs out of my brain. Both bike were great on pump gas but …I can’t wait to get some proper fuel in them next weekend. Dave has the old and new bikes screaming FAST! Sam gave me some good tips and Mike helped with some last minnute bodywork repairs – thanks guys! I had a couple of very fun races and finished 6th in 600SS after starting in 12th and fighting some good battles. I got 4th in the 750SS race and hit a new PB. OMRRA has a new class, Formula 40 and I was gridded up against a bunch of liter bikes back in the third row. I was stoked to get the hole shot and stayed there the whole race! It was awesome getting signals on the wall from Ryan and my HOT girlfriend Yelena :) on how far in front I was! My first official race WIN! Thanks to everyone who is supporting me; Speed Dealer Motors, KFG Racing, Pirelli, Seattle100 & 2-Fast, Flexi-Glass, EBC Brakes, DB Photography and Vino Bella!F40

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